The Graduation Book

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Whether you're finally getting your "Masters Degree" or simply graduating from elementary or high school, this is sure to stay on your bookshelf as a family keepsake. Clear pages are included for photos, gift cards, etc.

Hard Cover Book, 10 pages plus inserts, 6 3/4" x 8 1/2"

Partial Storyline - Traditional: This book has been written for you: Michael Jeremy Smith on the occasion of your graduation from Florida State University. Congratulations on earning your BS June 2, 2001

Graduation. The word has a feel to it. A feeling of accomplishment. A feeling that a long hard journey has come to an end, that an important chapter of life has come to a successful conclusion and that a whole new adventure is about to begin.

It seems such a long time ago that you first began to attend Florida State University. Mike, do you remember those first days when everything seemed so unfamiliar to you? You had entered a strange new world where everything was new, exciting, and often a little scary.

Certainly your experiences at Florida State University were not all pleasant or easy. There were difficult courses, difficult assignments, and of course difficult exams. But nothing really important is accomplished without some share of difficulties. And these uncomfortable challenges each had their own distinct part to play in the development of your character, Mike.

And now, from your perspective as a graduate, you can look back at Florida State University as a second home. Its hallways, its classrooms, its routines and traditions, its many sights and sounds; and the faces and voices of many special friends will remain with you for the rest of your life. Friends like Kelley and Anjie will always be remembered.

There are also those members of your family who believed in you, Mike, and encouraged you all along the way: people like Cristine, Mom, Dad and Grandmother. Your graduation is, of course, a happy event for them. But there is more to their pride than simply the happiness that comes from seeing success in someone they love. Theirs is the special pride that comes from being a part of that accomplishment.

And there were teachers whose faces and voices you will recall for a lifetime . . .

Partial Storyline - Humorous Version: In the long, complicated unfolding of human history, there are a few events that stand out as incidents of world-shaping dimension. The discovery of the Americas. The first footsteps on the moon. The invention of the zipper.

Alongside these momentous events, we must now place the graduation of Mike Smith.

Mike, there were those who said you couldn't do it. There were those who doubted your tenacity. There were those who thought you would never make it. There were those who said that Mr. Jones, Mrs. Sebastian, Miss Kelley and Mr. Wright and the other teachers at Florida State Universitywere wasting their time.

But, what do those people know anyway? You earned your BS somehow.

It doesn't seem that long ago that you began to attend Florida State University, does it Mike? Well, all right. It does seem like a long time ago. Anyway, you knew from the beginning that there would be challenges. And you knew that some of those challenges would be quite enjoyable, others would be exhilarating, but did you have to make every one insurmountable?

And what about the challenges that friends like Kelley and Anjie faced dealing with you on a daily basis. . . .

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