My Trip to the Fire Station

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This wonderful book teaches a child about fire safety by visiting a local Fire Station. An educational and interactive book as well, for there are places for your child to keep important emergency names and telephone numbers. Not only is this personalized book a unique gift, but an important book that you and your child will want to keep handy.

Hard Cover 36 pages, 6 3/4" by 8 1/4"

Partial Storyline: Mike Smith was so excited, he could hardly wait to see the firefighters and fire engines. Mike and his class from Beaumont Elementary School are visiting the Atlanta Fire Station today.

"Now class," said Miss Harold, "I know you're excited, but remember to pay close attention. Fire prevention and fire safety are very important. If you are ever in a fire, they could help save your life."

Mike couldn't believe his eyes. Firefighter Brad and Chief Maddox came to greet the children at the door!

"Welcome to the Atlanta Fire Station, boys and girls," said Firefighter Brad. "We have a lot of exciting things to show you and I'm going to teach you some ways to stay safe when it comes to fire."

Firefighter Brad brought the class to see the many different fire trucks. "Wow, this is great!" saidMike as he gazed at all the different fire engines. There were old ones, new ones, red ones, and yellow ones. There was even a fire truck from the 1920's that was part of their museum.

"Wayne, Look!" said Mike. "This fire truck is called a hook-and-ladder truck. Firefighters use this one when fighting fires in tall buildings."

Mike carefully watched as Firefighter Brad showed the class the inside of a real fire engine. "Mike, would you and Wayne like to be the first to sit inside?"

With big smiles, they jumped inside the cab and pretended they were real firefighters, steering the big engine down the street.

Next, everyone followed Firefighter Brad to the room with the coats, hats, boots and special pants just for firefighters.

"Mike, would you be my helper and try on my coat and hat?" asked Firefighter Brad. Mike couldn't believe his luck. "Yes sir!"

As Firefighter Brad helped Mike put on the coat and hat, he said to the class, "Our clothes are made of special material that won't burn, but, unfortunately, your clothes will."

"You should NEVER run if your clothes catch on fire. Instead, STOP where you are, DROP to the ground, cover your face, and ROLL around until the fire goes out."

"Does anyone remember what we call this?" The class was so sure of the answer that everyone said at the same time, "STOP, DROP AND ROLL!"...

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